Woohoo! We got internet today!

That means I can officially get everything up and running, and I did! Not only are we on Twitter and have a Facebook page, we now have a Pinterest! Along with now being able to subscribe to our emails. You can find the email subscriptions on the lower right side of every page!

Not only did we get internet and all of our social networks up and running, we have a new surprise in store for you! We have some reviews and giveaways coming this week!

Boy oh boy! I have neglected my laundry and have let it pile up on my love seat, letting my husband find his work clothes in the massive pile and pulling the kids clothes when I need them!

Well I've decided today is the day that I tackle that massive pile on my love seat. Since there is no more dirty laundry in the house, besides the load I have going in the washer, I think it's time to restock our drawers and closets! :)

Not to add that J baby and R baby are going to Florida for the weekend to stay with grandma and grandpa and I need to pack their overnight bags and their are no clothes in their dresser! So the easiest way for me to pack them with matching clothes, rather than getting aggravated sorting thru the pile not being able to find any matching, would just be for me to fold, organize, and put everything away!

Yummmmmmyyyyyy! Tonight for dinner we had buffalo shredded chicken and oh my was it amazing, not to mention it's a slow cooker meal, so I didn't have to do any cooking! It will also be added to our homemade cookbook of recipes I find and try that turn out good!

I orginally found a recipe for it on Pinterest (my addiction), I looked at all the ingredients and when we did our grocery shopping that week, I picked them all up.

Now, the original recipe off of Pinterest called for chicken breast, ranch seasoning, and franks buffalo sauce. Well my store didn't have the franks, so we just picked up KC masterpiece buffalo marinade. I figured shoot their both buffalo sauce. Well, this morning when I went to put everything in the crockpot I went back to the recipe. The first problem I ran into was, franks buffalo sauce is a wing sauce, not a marinade, so I wasn't sure how it would turn out. The second problem I ran into was that the recipe didn't tell me how many fl oz the franks buffalo sauce was, so even if I did attempt it with the marinade, I didn't even know how much to put in. So with both of those problems, I turned to another great source, google!

On google I searched "Buffalo Chicken with Marinade." In return I got a whole bunch of mixed results, wing recipes, chicken marinaded, etc. I finally stumbled upon one about 6 results down, it was called "Buffalo Chicken Tacos with Celery Slaw." Now I wasn't so much interested in the Celery Slaw (so I can not tell you how that tasted) but more of the Buffalo Chicken Tacos. I was in luck, she used a marinade, so that was my new recipe to follow!

I am still trying to figure out how to add all of our pages to one RSS feed, so you only have to subscribe by email once, instead of for each separate page.

Meanwhile, I did make a Facebook fan page, that you may go and "like" and you will get all of our blog post from all of our pages!

Not on Facebook, not a problem. We as well now have a twitter page!

You can find both of the links to our Facebook and Twitter at the top right hand corner of any page visited. You will see the "F" Facebook icon and the "Bird" Twitter icon!
I am here to inform you of a great new addition to our site! Unfortunately, it won't be able till the end of this weekend, at the latest.
I will be adding an email subscription link so you can be informed off all the new blog post via email!
This great new addition will be coming to you from none other than, the best, FEEDBURNER!!!

So, just give me some time to get it figured out, of how we will put all our pages to one RSS and I will have it soon!