Boy oh boy! I have neglected my laundry and have let it pile up on my love seat, letting my husband find his work clothes in the massive pile and pulling the kids clothes when I need them!

Well I've decided today is the day that I tackle that massive pile on my love seat. Since there is no more dirty laundry in the house, besides the load I have going in the washer, I think it's time to restock our drawers and closets! :)

Not to add that J baby and R baby are going to Florida for the weekend to stay with grandma and grandpa and I need to pack their overnight bags and their are no clothes in their dresser! So the easiest way for me to pack them with matching clothes, rather than getting aggravated sorting thru the pile not being able to find any matching, would just be for me to fold, organize, and put everything away!
This is my laundry pile! :( Minus the last load in the dryer, which is ok, it's all mostly bedding! Those are the loads of laundry I don't mind doing, just fold & put away, no hanging involved!

I plan on tackling this by first organizing it into three piles, the first two piles being clothes, one of adults, being hubby's & I's and the other being kids, J babys & R babys! Then my third pile will consist of ALL bedding & towels.

Then each pile will get folded, organized, & put away, before moving onto the next pile!

Lets hope my plan works! If J baby would take a nap or atleast lay down, I would stop getting distracted and could tackle this faster, but we all know how three year olds are, gotta love them! <3

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