If you have been following my blog or have read into our family, you would know that I carry a lot of things with us. Not to mention we travel at least once a month for at least six hours & with two kids you can never be too safe. We carry pretty much almost every medicine for both my kids, at least ones that we have used since they were born. With all of this plus the normal stuff you would carry with two kids you would imagine I would need a huge diaper bag, well I could never find one big enough that I liked, until now that is, but we will touch on that in a minute and get to the point. In the end I had I settled on keeping a bag in my car at all times with the medicines and other things and then two small diaper bags with a change of clothes and diapers for each one.

I got the opportunity to review for Okiedog and thought what a great idea to explore a new diaper bag. I figured what could I lose, if it didn't work out I would have another diaper bag to add to the collection in the closet that I use for small trips or night stays. I was offered to review not only a diaper bag but however a dox also, which was awesome because I have tons of schedules and plans and anything you can think of to stay organized & i'm old fashioned and have everything written down on papers, but i'm also new school and have them in my iPad. So the dox makes it easier to carry all those papers and my iPad all at once.

We will start with the diaper bag. All in all it's amazing. I can carry everything all in one place, so on that note I have eliminated my car kit. Which in the soon I will be adding back but on a smaller scale. It comes with everything you need, of course the diaper bag itself, haha, it also has an insulated bottle carrier, a changing mat, clipix stroller clips, and an accessory bag. The diaper bag has two side pockets, one that is insulated  a back pocket which holds an easy access to the changing pad and a front "parents" pocket. It's a large zippered pocket with a pocket to hold a cell phone or small camera and a key fob clicker. Never lose those keys again, my problem, haha! Then the main compartment has a zipper closure and is equipped with 4 large wall pockets, two on each side and then one smaller one on the end.

So as you can see it has many pockets and fits all of our stuff very well. I am very happy with this bag and I would recommend it to all the new mommies and soon to be mommies I know. Aside from all the stuff it offers it comes at a great price and in many different styles/colors. The prices of Okiedog diaper dogs range from $19.00 & $70.00. Please remember that all styles will vary from design to design and might not match all the pockets and etc of others. The style I have reviewed is the Celeb. So all in all I have finally found a diaper bag that will hold everything I need and I give this bag a 5 stars.

Now for the Dox. Dox is a document and iPad holder. Dox is designed to keep all the documents for the visit to the pediatrician organized and can also hold an iPad. Of course Dox included the sleep / wake function for the iPad. The left inside side of this notebook style dox has two pockets with one of them being clear so you can clearly see what is in it. The middle has a small loop to carry you pen or pencil and then the left side holds your iPad and has a "hidden" pocket, so to say. Its behind the iPad so my husband calls it the hidden / secret pocket. This works for me because with the blog and Southern Mama Creations and all the schedules and planning I have, when we travel I always have tons of papers scattered across my lap. The dox now makes it so much easier to hold all the paperwork, so to say, that I take with me on my trips and my iPad is right there next to it all. I can now function like a normal person, haha. Like I mentioned before I'm old and new school, while I keep everything written in my iPad I as well keep everything written/printed on paper, this makes me feel at ease to make sure I know everything! So I can say, that this was a great offer that I couldn't pass up as well.

The dox retail for $16.99 and come in 6 different color styles, with most of them matching a diaper bag style. So you definitely won't clash at the doctors office or wherever you decide to take it.

If either one of these products are something that is useful to you or someone you may know you can purchase the diaper bag, the dox, or one of their many other products at their website, Okiedog.com. Use can use coupon code 4308 and take 10% off your purchase and if you are an amazon prime member look forward to being able to receive free shipping from the okiedog site on all products soon. To take a look at the products I reviewed in this post you can visit the page to the diaper bag, here & the dox, here.

*I will update this weekend with pictures, as of now my camera battery is charging and this momma is staying up all night to get my house in shape for our company coming in this weekend, yay me!

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