For me I ask my self all the time, why do I have so many lunch boxes in my home? My kids aren't in school and while my husband is suppose to take his lunch to help save us money, he only takes it about 50% of the time. However, a Bento Lunch Box isn't your ordinary everyday lunch box that you can buy at your local walmart. A bento lunch box is a well organized, reusable, cost effective, recycled lunch box that contain no lead, BPA, PVC, or phthalates.
Bento Lunch Boxes come with five containers, plus the outer shell lunch box that holds it all in place. You will receive three watertight containers, two open containers, and of course the outer box. It has built in compartment on the side that keeps your utensils close.

When I got the review opportunity I chose a color that I knew my husband wouldn't mind, thinking maybe if its not to girly, it will get him to take his lunches more often. Surely enough when it arrived it the mail he was thrilled about it, well as thrilled as guys get, which isn't very, haha! I was just glad that he said he would use it. I knew that even if he didn't use it, it was perfect for packing snacks on our road trips for the kids.

The large fruit and veggie lidded container works great for the bigger fruits and veggies or snacks. We use our for like chips and such. We use the small fruit lidded container for small veggies or fruits that we eat, however it can also be used for applesauce or yogurt and anything along those lines. We then use the mini container for any condiments or dips that way may need.
As you see we have carrots, chips, a sandwich  peeps, and in our small container is ranch for the carrots. I carry a candy cane in the utensils department only because our silverware is too big and won't fit, and plus we really don't ever take anything that we need untils for.

It's an easy clean for us as well since it's dishwasher safe. Which are my favorite kinds of products cause that means less dishes I have to wash after dinner and before going to bed.

Now you can rearrange the bowls to fit however you would like or you can even order other sizes from their website also, along with carriers, silverware, ice packs, napkins, or other kits.

You can visit their website here & check out all the great products and even order your own Bento Lunch Box. The great thing is they offer a flat rate shipping of $5.95.

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