Easter is a week from today. I'm a holiday girl and love all holidays, now that I have kids, it just makes it that much better. This will be R babies second Easter and J babies fourth Easter.

Now that I am addicted to Pinterest, there are many things that I would love to do on holidays, but when the times comes, I just forget or get to busy or just forget to get the things I need from the store. However, this year I have made it a promise to myself to do anything that I plan. So with that being said, we are counting down to Easter with some fun Easter projects and games.
We will be starting our countdown tomorrow. I originally planned on starting today with an Easter Egg Lunch Hunt, but it rained yesterday and this morning and The Weather Channel has more rain in store for us, so while I could just move it inside, I've decided to just push this activity off and give my self more time today to prepare for the other activities this week.

Here is the schedule that I have lined up for the week. I will be posting DIY's of each project with pictures on each night.


Mini Jello Eggs.
My mom has always had this jello mold for mini eggs and when I moved she gave it to me. I always thought it would be perfect to make some mini jello shots in & one day I plan on doing that, haha, but for now I figured it would be perfect for Easter to make Mini Jello Eggs with Justin.


This really isn't a huge thing, but Justin loves to color, so I found some free printable Easter coloring pages and printed them out. Me, Justin & Rebecca (with my help) will each color a picture to hang on our fridge and display for the week. They will then go in my closet for my keeping with all the other coloring pictures I have.


Easter Pictures & Egg Hunt Bath.
I had originally planned on only doing the egg bath, but after thinking on it i've decided that we could also do our Easter pictures this day also. I figured the egg bath will be done at night, during their bath, obviously, so why not do their pictures during the day. These will be done by me, in our home, like our other holiday pictures! :)
The egg hunt bath is something I found on Pinterest, here. We have the crayola bath fizzes that change the water colors so by mixing colors i'm hoping I will be able to do some type of green and I will also color our bubbles green, like she did in the post. I won't be following her post exactly as to R baby is only a year, I don't think she will be all that into finding stuff in the eggs and such. We will just be more of taking a bath with Easter eggs. I will be getting window clings from Dollar General later today though.


Easter Basket Set Up.
We will be setting up my nieces Easter basket this day. We have plenty of fun things and candy to put in it and with the help from mommy, Justin will be putting together her Easter basket to give her.
I do plan on incorporating a few things from Pinterest, if I happen to have the materials in one of my baking boxes. I will post which ones I use on Thursday in my post, if I use any.


Dye Easter Eggs.
We will be doing the normal Easter tradition this day and dying Easter eggs. Do I really need to explain this one? Although this should be fun with a one year old and a three year old together. We will be doing this once daddy gets home from work so we have a better handle on both of them, haha!


Planting Jelly Beans.
Not only will the Easter bunny be coming this night to drop his Easter Eggs around my house. We will also be planting magical jelly beans. Another Pinterst idea that can be found here. We will buy some magical jelly beans on Friday, we will then plant them on Saturday night before it gets dark, and then we will see what grows on Sunday morning! This has got to be the one I am most excited for, I can not wait to see J babies reaction.


Once again, no explanation needed here. We will be finding Easter eggs, opening our Easter baskets, and seeing what grew overnight from our magical jelly beans.

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