Today was an interesting day. Our morning started early when J baby woke up, about 7:00 am. He watched his iPad for a few hours while hubby played his video game and mommy cleaned a bit. Then as daddy was getting ready to go to the dump with J baby and mommy was getting ready to head into town with R baby to do some grocery shopping, J baby tripped and busted his head on our coffee table.

Now, I am not good with blood and needles, they are my worst enemies. My first reaction was to hold J baby and comfort him since he got a boo-boo. Since my sister is staying with us for a few days, she wanted to check to make sure he wasnt bleeding, and to my surprise, he had blood gushing down his face. I stayed calm for the most part, I didnt pass out like I normally do at the sight of blood. My sister ran outside to get daddy and when he got in, he helped stopped the bleeding, which it stopped pretty quickly. That's when we saw how bad it was and this mommy started freaking out.

Since we moved a state away from our family in November, we visit for a weekend to a week in January, March, August, November, and December. Then on the months we dont visit, we meet my mom half way so she can pick up the kids and take them back for the weekend. Our half way point is three hours roughly, making the whole trip roughly 6 hours. As anyone wish kids knows, that is a long ride. Then anyone with a husband should know, they hate stopping.... or maybe it's just mine. Anyone else's husband hates to stop?

We have a bag that stays in the car called our "Kiddie Car Kit." This kit contains everything the kids need. This kit stays under the dash at the passenger sides feet, so it stays cool Wanna know what's in our box? Well that's what i'm fixing to tell you!

There are many variations to this on Pinterest, but all contain things for adults and kids. I have yet to find one just for babies/kids. Hints the reason why I thought of my own.