Today was an interesting day. Our morning started early when J baby woke up, about 7:00 am. He watched his iPad for a few hours while hubby played his video game and mommy cleaned a bit. Then as daddy was getting ready to go to the dump with J baby and mommy was getting ready to head into town with R baby to do some grocery shopping, J baby tripped and busted his head on our coffee table.

Now, I am not good with blood and needles, they are my worst enemies. My first reaction was to hold J baby and comfort him since he got a boo-boo. Since my sister is staying with us for a few days, she wanted to check to make sure he wasnt bleeding, and to my surprise, he had blood gushing down his face. I stayed calm for the most part, I didnt pass out like I normally do at the sight of blood. My sister ran outside to get daddy and when he got in, he helped stopped the bleeding, which it stopped pretty quickly. That's when we saw how bad it was and this mommy started freaking out.
None the less, we went to our local ER and he stayed calm and himself the whole way there. When we got there he was bouncy and as playful as always. Daddy and I were both relieved by his actions and thankful that he remained stable.

Once we got back into the ER, every nurse we encountered was super nice and talked to J baby and played with him. I would so go back again if anything ever happened again. Thankfully we don't have many accidents in our family. After the doctor looked at him they decide they were going to need to put him asleep to give him stitches, since he is only 3! The doctor was also super nice and kept us informed the whole time, through the process and everything.

J baby was very cooperative when getting his IV put in and the EKG set up on him. He didn't so much like the blood pressure machine. however. Once they were ready they gave him his dose of Ketamine and he was out. The doctor then put a suture on the inside so it would pull back together nicely and then put three stitches on the outside.

Daddy and I remained calm the whole time while he was under his Ketamine dose and getting his stitches. I stayed by his side and held his hand the whole time. Not looking of course. I did try to look once while the doctor was putting the stitches in and lets just say, that 5 seconds was good enough for me.

In the end result, J baby is fine and all stitched up and acts like nothing ever happened. The coffee table is going to the dog house until J baby and R baby get older so this can't happen again, in any way, shape, or form. Not to mention I have a small living room anyways so this will clear up some room for R baby to crawl around and learn to walk more. I am thankful that my sister and brother were here to watch R baby while we took him to the ER. They ended up estimating his laceration at 3 cm deep, and let me tell you what, its not something I want to see again.

My baby is a trooper though and one touch little cookie. Mommy and daddy are very proud of him for being such a big boy and were so relived that he is ok. Since he was such a good boy, he got chicken nuggets after we left. I am also so proud that I have one very well minded little boy. Daddy made him a deal before he received his night night meds, that if he was a good boy he could play the video game when we got home, and when the Ketamine wore off, that was the first thing he wanted to do, "Bye Bye, I play daddy's remote?" Which is his way of saying I play the video game!

So today, I had a very interesting day at the ER, but am so glad my baby is ok and doing well!
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