I bet everyone of my readers is wondering what my secret is. The past week we ran a contest to see who could guess what it was by the hint of the days I was giving. While at first we only had one player she had some pretty good guesses. Last night we had one more player join in and she had some good guesses also. We had a guess of a gift card to a craft store, the new Pinterest Business  or a Business on Pinterest, & some type of monthly arts & craft subscription. But, unfortunately they were both wrong. However, they were close with what the prize for the contest would of been. Well enough rambling.
We will start with the prize of the contest. Even though both readers who participated guessed wrong, I will be awarding them with the prize of the contest. Readers Arlene and Kendra will both receive 10% off their total purchase!!!!!

Did you catch that?!?! Another hint!!!!

Well here it is, I will now be selling my crafts on the blog. The page will be up later this week. While I will be selling mainly bows and redneck wine glasses there will be other things as well. You will just have to wait to see what else as it progresses.

I am so excited about this, finally able to have my creations out there.

Arlene S.
03/26/2013 10:07am

Aww, sweet! Thanks! Good luck on your new venture!


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