Decorating our house can be tricky, we are renting, so we can not put anything permanent up without permission, so sometimes it's just easier to decorate around things that can be moved.

I as well have a hard time finding things to decorate with anyways since I'm picky and want my house to describe me, Southern! I have a theme for every room in our house, for those times when we go shopping and I see something that might look cute in the house. I knew I wanted to add our monogram to our living room, I just never really knew how I wanted to do it.

Then I got the opportunity to review for WallPops! I was able to choose my review item. I scoured their website to find the perfect wall art. When I finally came across their monogram products. I knew right then and there that, that was how I was going to add our monogram to our living room.
      -"WallPops are today's most fashionable wall decor proudly made in the USA! WallPops are safe for walls and are totally removable, reusable, and repositionable. Find sophisticated designs perfect for your home and office, sweet motifs for the nursery and kid’s rooms, and enticing options for teens, tweens and dorm decor  including sassy dry-erase calendars and message boards."

I ordered their Durham Monogram in Espresso Brown to keep with our southern color theme. I was so excited to get it and set it up. When it finally arrived I asked my husband to put it up, several times. Well its been a week and a half and I finally just said "heck, I can do this myself." So with the help of my sister I was able to put it up and get it straight. It was a simple peel and stick type of project!

I love the fact that they are repositionable, I had to adjust it a few times before getting it straight  I was worried about it maybe ripping our wall paper, but no worries there, it came off smooth and clean every time, and didn't leave any sticky residue behind like other wall stickers do. 

It also worked out well because I have been wanting to add the kids initials above their beds and their room and the nice thing about the monogram packs, is that come with the whole alphabet. So not only was I able to add our monogram in our living room, but I was able to add the kids initials in their room and our initials in our room. It does come with only one border so only the living room has a border, but personally that's fine with me. Everything looks good how it turned out.

Now when move when we purchase our own home, I can just peel them off the walls, stick them back on the papers, and take them with us to the new house. I don't have to worry about any paint or wall paper peeling or any sticky residue on the walls. Even if I feel like moving them around as we get more decorations I can.

I am so happy with these WallPops and they make a great addition to any house. Along with all the great WallPops they have already and all the wonderful project ideas they have, you can create your own designs as well!
Our living room monogram!

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