Hello Sunshine is a fun hide and seek game for kids aged 18 months and up, put out by ThinkFun. Hello Sunshine is a charmingly simple game that will have you and your kids laughing and playing together and having a great time, all while your child learns positional words, such as: In, On, Top, Below, Next to, and many others.

Hello Sunshine retails for $19.99 on amazon and includes Hello Sunshine Plush toy, 18 double sided game cards, and a parents guide.
Hello Sunshine is perfect for J baby and R baby. While R baby is only 14 months, she can still get some of the concept of it. J baby is three and is great for him since we are teaching him all about positional words right now. They both love the game, even though J baby likes to cheat, haha!

The parents guide tells you all about how to play the game. The object is that you (the parent) picks one of the 18 double sided cards that tell and show hiding spots. You then hide Hello Sunshine and then instruct your child to go find him. Then you can ask questions such as "Where did you find him?", "Was he in front of the T.V.?", and etc, so they can understand their positions.

J Baby & I play slightly different. Which is perfectly fine, how many people actually follow the rules to a game anyways. I spread the cards out and then let J Baby pick a card. After he picks a card I will hide Hello Sunshine, which is where he likes to follow me and see where, even though I tell him I have to hide it so he can find it, and thats how the game works, but he is three, he doesn't fully understand yet, especially since he has a short attention span. Once the toy is hidden I will tell him what room he is in and that he is in, on top, under, etc, of something and then he has to find it. After he bring it back to me (sounds like i'm talking about a dog, haha), I will ask him where he found it.
Please excuse the messy room!!!
When you are done playing with Hello Sunshine, he has a pocket on the bottom that velcros that holds the cards until the next time you play. I found that this pocket is also big enough to hold the parents guide if you wanted to keep it all together. This is very convenient as to we don't just have cards laying around our house possibly getting lost. Everything is kept together and put up until the next time we play. This pocket is on the bottom so its not like its in plain view where if the kids get a hold of it they will see the cards and pull them out and scatter them all over the house, or maybe thats just my kids. :)

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