If you're a parent then you have made contact with a sleeper from time to time. Most of us nightly, but I know there are a few parents who skip sleepers and use sleep sacks, or a combination of both. But, for me, I was a sleeper mother! As much as I loved the openness of the sleep sacks, neither one of my kids would stay fully covered throughout the night & in our house, we keep it cold at night, so them staying warm was always a major issue. Now, if you're anything like me and put your kid(s) to bed in a sleeper, than you know that diaper changes can be a pain in the butt! You never want to wake that precious sleeping baby, but you also know it needs to be done.. Well, after going through our first kid and then a year into our second, we have finally found a great solution to those diaper changes at night. It's called ZIPaboo!
ZIPaboo is a baby footed onesie that makes diaper changes a zip! ZIPaboo has a strategically placed zipper that starts at the base of one leg, circles the belly and moves back down the opposite leg; allowing for a quick and easy diaper change at any time!

Now since R baby is no longer an infant we really don't have diaper changes during the night. She gets a diaper change as we lay her down for bed and then she is good until she's up in the morning. We do however have the problem of her staying in her clothes. She is now going through the stage of taking off her diapers and she's only 16 months. With that being said, we knew it was time where she could not go around the house naked, which we let our kids do all day everyday. They love it and it makes diaper changes easier. Anyways, back to R baby taking off her diaper now. So we decided to start putting her in a pair of pants at least  well after about a week she learned to take her pants off & then off came the diaper. Next was her onesies, there was no way she was gonna get her diapers off now, boy was I wrong, I'm not sure how she does it but she manages to unsnap them and take her diaper off, sometimes she can fully take them off. So then we thought if we just make it more complicated she'll just give up so we would put her in a onesie and pants. Well there are still days when she will take off her diaper.

So, now we pretty much have to keep her in sleepers since thats about the only thing she hasn't learned to get off. Well as we all know, sleepers can be a pain at any point in the day or night to do diaper changes, so the ZIPaboo, is now my favorite piece of clothing that R baby owns.
This is R baby fixing to get her bottom changed. Only the bottom half is open! :)
She doesn't like to stay still when getting her butt changed as it is, so sleepers become twice as bad for me. The ZIPaboo makes everything so much easier. Its a quick zip up one leg and down the other and then a quick diaper change without ever letting her arms out. She seems to stay still much better in her Zipaboo, I think it might be because her upper body isn't exposed so she doesn't believe i'm getting her undressed.

ZIPaboo should be on every soon-to-be mommy or already mothers wishlist. Not only do they make diaper changing so much easier, they run big so they are roomy and will last for a few months. We got R baby the Sydney is a size of 12-18 months and there is more than enough room for her to grow into it.

So, now its your turn to head to ZIPaboo.com and order your ZIPaboo to make your life in mommy hood or a mommy to be lifes just that much easier. They retail for $36.00 and come in five different color options, the Saylor, the Sydney, the Jake, the Sam, & the Noah. All color options are super cute!
I could not get a good picture of R baby in her ZIPaboo out of her pack n play, but as you can see the zipper goes right around the belly button & down both legs.
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Arlene S.
04/24/2013 7:14pm

Liked and shared with my friends! Hope they enter! Very cute PJ's, never seen anything like that! Would be great for my niece who will join us in July!


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