Are you a "Green" person? Maybe you're just trying to find a way to cut down on plastic products? Or maybe you're just trying to find a way to save some money. What ever the reason may be, look no further. I got the wonderful opportunity to review for SnackTaxi, a reusable bag for snacks and sandwiches. Which is perfect for my family, since my husband takes his lunch to work, and 3 times out of 5, it's a sandwich.
Since my husband works in construction I chose the Work Duds Yellow Sandwich-sack. I thought it went very well with is profession, haha.
I love that I got this product to review. As I stated before my husband takes his lunch to work and 3 times out of 5, he takes a sandwich, so you can only imagine how many sandwich bags we go through on a monthly basis. Not to mention, sandwich bags are not cheap and on another note, we take our trash off our self so the less empty boxes we have, the better.
SnackTaxi's comes in eight different types of Sacks. We have the normal sandwich-sack that measures 7.5" wide and 6" high. They as well have a snack-sack which measures 6" wide and 4.5" high. Along with their sandwich and snack-sacks they also have lunch-sacksproduce sacks, and bread-sacks. Both their snack sacks and sandwich-sacks also come in organic & gluten free & nut free.

My husband can fit a sandwich and some snacks in the sandwich-bag alone, as you can see I packed a sandwich and two fruit roll ups. Since they are not air tight storing food for a long period of time is not recommended as it would probably go stale, but you can see that the stitching is very strong, so these bags are very durable and have a deep fold over pouch.

SanckTaxi's are 100% cotton on the outside and the inside is lined with polyurethane coated nylon. All the materials are lead, phthalate, and BPA free. They are machine washable but could also easily just be wiped clean with a wet cloth and laid to dry. They can also be soaked in boiling water if any food oils or such have been absorbed.
SnackTaxi also has aprons, napkins, sporks, and even a make your own sack, that would be perfect for the kids and you could even keep it to save for when they grow older and they could use it to take their own lunches, how cool would that be?

You can find all these awesome products at the SnackTaxi website.
Now you have the wonderful opportunity to win a SnackTaxi Snack-Sack. Enter for your chance to win the Night Own Espresso Snack-Sack through the PromoSimple Giveaway widget below. (I could easily fit a sandwich in this sack as well, so this could be used for snacks or sandwiches.)
SnackTaxi Giveaway

Arlene S.
03/24/2013 8:55pm

The owls are super cute! Would go with my daughter's school theme, the "Awesome Owls"!


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