We are currently in the process of potty training J baby, while we aren't pushing it, we do ask him multiple times a day if he has to use to the restroom. Now as any mom knows, when it comes to potty training and using public restrooms we are constantly looking for covers to protect their little butts from any germs and wetness on those toilets. Now, sure they make plenty of cover types of things for us adults, but nothing kid friendly, until now!

Potty Cover are designed with your little on in mind. They are over sized so they protect all sides of the toilet where your little kiddies might touch.
Potty Cover are made from non-woven fabric with a plastic liner underneath, to provide a waterproof barrier. The over sized design covers the front to keep legs and clothes from touching the toilet and the sides protects your little ones hands from where they hold the toilet to keep their balance.

They have a polka dot design which is made perfect for both girls and boys. Each cover is individually wrapped in a small plastic bag, which makes it easy to store in your purse or diaper bag. They also work well on portable potty's  which could make cleaning easier and/or to keep things more sanitized.
When I got the opportunity to review for Potty Covers, I quickly filled my diaper bag and Kiddie Car Kit with them to take with us to the stores. I was so excited that I didn't have to use those paper covers or cover the seat with toilet paper, since we all know those surely don't keep the wetness away.

These have made it so nice with J baby, as he sometimes doesn't like to sit on the toilet. He likes to stand, like a big boy, and be a boy and just rest his boy parts on the toilet seat and lean forward! Such a boy! So since these cover the whole toilet I don't worry about him getting any germs or touching any part of the toilet uncovered.

They are great for us adults also and there are times when J baby and I have to go potty at the same time and I will just throw a cover on the toilet, do my business and then just leave the same cover on for J baby to use.

Potty Cover retail for $5.99 for a pack of 6 and can be bought in select Bed Bath And Beyond and buybuy Baby stores, as well as on ebay and amazon. You can visit Where to Buy on the potty cover website to see if your local stores sell them.

Arlene S.
03/08/2013 2:07pm

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Ashley Brandt
03/08/2013 3:03pm

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Ashley Brandt
03/08/2013 3:20pm

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