Pampers Kandoo line is a kid friendly line of various hygiene cleaning products. Not only are they safe by being made with natural ingredients  using a mild formula without sulfates, no parabens or phthalates, but they are also in kid friendly containers and pumps. There are easy to use and some even fit in the car for on the go cleaning.
My son hates his hair being washed so it's always a trick for us to find a fun way to wash his hair without him freaking out. The great thing about the Pampers Kandoo Foaming Shampoo is that he can help us wash his hair or even do it himself, or attempt so to say, haha! He loves that he can pump the shampoo into mommies hand now or into his own hands. I used to ban him from touching the shampoo since he liked to just pour it out and waste it.

Their 2 in 1 conditioning shampoo is tear free, dermatologist approved, it contains vitamin E and natural fruit extracts to clean and condition the hair, its hypoallergenic and has no parabens or SLS. The froggy container fits perfectly in the corner of the tub and of course has a kid approved design.

The shampoo is part of their personal care line, which also includes moisturizing hand soap and moisturizing body wash. Both the hand soap and body wash are tinted so your kids know when they are covered in soap and shiny clean. These three products come in three wonderful scents of funny berry, magic melon, and tropical smoothie.
Pampers Kandoo Flushable wipes are moistened with lotion, which gives them a 30% better clean than using toilet paper. They're easy to use, perfect for little hands, and flushable and biodegradable, they are safe for septic and sewer systems. Kandoo flushable wipes come in sensitive, which is unscented and hypoallergenic  or Magic Melon. You can get them in a soft pack for easy grab and go, tubs, and refill packs.

Since we are potty training, or so so. It's kind of when J baby wants to kinda thing. Either way, I love that I know when he has his independent bathroom trips I know that he is wiped and cleaned up well. He gets very bad chafing on his inner thighs where his pull up sits, so getting him to use toilet paper is impossible since he says it hurts, so these have become my mommy lifesaver. Not only do I know that he is clean but the lotion and moister help cut down on the chafing.

The nice thing about them is that they are in a soft pack and they are easy to grab on the way out and throw in the car. They are a perfect travel size and I know these will soon be added to our Kiddie Car Kit for when we go on our road trip and need to stop at those rest stops.
Pampers Kandoo other products included in their line is their foaming hand sanitizer, bubble bath, & detangler. All of these products can be purchased online on their website at Pampers Kandoo and most of these products can be found in your local major retail store like Walmart, Target, Kroger, Meijer, ToysRUs, & BabiesRUs.
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