So winter has approached and you don't have much or any facial hair and you face is freezing. Well there is something out there for that, its called a BeardHead.

"Beard Head knit beard caps combine the comfort and warmth of a traditional knit cap with the amazing styling of having a massive beard and mustache growing on your face! What person could pass up the incredible opportunity to sport his or her very own beard! We know we couldn't!"
We got the wonderful opportunity to review for Beard Head, I was thrilled. I think these things are the cutest thing ever. Specially on J baby, my little Beard Head model.

Justin is sporting a Beard Head from their new Barbarian line, the Barbarian Roadie in Brown. Daddy was going to claim it his when it came in, but we see who ended up winning that argument, haha!

Beard Heads are perfect for that cold winter when you need to keep your face warm. They have many different styles from long beards to short beards. They even have kid sizes, so you could always get your little feller or fella one of their own beard heads.

These are knit style hats that have the beards knitted into the hat on the inside, so while the beards are not adjustable you could always adjust it by wearing the hat a little more back on your head if needed, which is what we initially did for J baby, since this is an adult size hat. They are super comfy and soft on the face!

Their website says they are machine washable, but we have yet to try washing ours. Since J baby just wears it around the house there really is no need to wash it yet. However, if you were kinda sketchy about washing it and it getting ruined, you could always throw it in a delicate cycle or just give it a quick wipe down with a wet cloth and some mild soap.

Beard Heads retail for anywhere from $20.00 to $55.00 on their website. Their kid size beard heads retail for $25.00. They also have beard shirts and beard socks that you can buy.

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