Looking for an easy delicious dessert to bring with you to your next party or family function. This one will leave all the guest asking for the recipe, or they did me at least, haha. Is is super easy, super yummy, and I find it inexpensive.
To begin you will need the following ingredients.
6 Green Apples
6 Snickers Bars (Cold)
1 Pkg Vanilla Pudding Mix (The smaller box)
1 Container of Cool Whip (8oz)
1 Cup Milk

You can adjust the apples, snickers, and cool whip to your liking, this part can't be screwed up.

First mix your pudding and 1 cup of milk together and stir until all the pudding is dissolved. Let chill in the fridge while you cut your apples and snickers.

Then start on your apples. You are going to wash and cut your apples into bite sized pieces.
 *I have read that you can drizzle your apples with lemon juice to stop from browning while you prepare the rest, but I have not done this.

Next cut your snickers into bite sized pieces. If you place them in the freezer while preparing your apples they will be cold enough. This is not something that has to be done, but I have found cutting them while they are cold is easier, not frozen though. I made that mistake one time and it was a disaster.
 *If there are peanut allergies you could opt the snickers for milky ways and rolos also. Or you can combine all three. You can mix this up and pretty much make it however you like.

Take your pudding mixture and you cool whip and combine them together. If you buy the bigger container of cool whip, you could add more than the 8oz if you think it needs it. Like I said, this is all up to you on how you want to make it, this really can't be screwed up.

Once you have the pudding and cool whip combined together add you apples and snickers and mix together.

You can now enjoy or store in the fridge for later. If you store this in the fridge it may get hard on the top from the pudding hardening, just mix it together and you're ready to eat it again.

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