Well today is the first day to our new blog schedule, we are starting with Recap Monday. Recap Mondays are the day that I will tell you what we did over the weekend or maybe even what we didn't do, haha! It should be something that gets my readers to know me and my family just a little bit more, and I would love it if you would comment letting me know what you did over the weekend, so I can get to know my readers a little bit more.
First and foremost, lets start off with not forgetting about our Women's Giveaway we have going on. It is the first giveaway that we have since coming back and it's the giveaway to kick off our coming back. It will end at 11:59pm on July 2nd and the winner will be notified on July 3.

Now lets get to what we did this weekend. Well we really didn't do anything, to be honest. Our weekends around here are normally full of relaxing or cleaning or both. However, I couldn't be more excited because R baby is starting to walk and she walks everywhere now, unless shes in a hurry then she crawls lol.

Saturday we layed in bed and played with the kids till noon, which is their nap time, and R baby for sure knows that. She gets cranky at noon and at 9:00pm, which is bed time here. She has no problem going to sleep and I hope it stays that way because we have a hard enough time with J baby. Once we got them down for a nap I did some laundry and cleaned the kitchen then relaxed most of the day again. I didn't have to cook anything because I made buffalo chicken sandwiches in the crockpot for dinner.

Come Sunday I didn't lay in bed till noon, but my hubby sure did. Well let me rephrase that, he pretty much slept the whole day. There were bits where he was awake for an hour or two but most of the time he was sleeping. Me and the kids sat around the house and played. I did some more laundry, started on my other new blog, and the kids got on each others nerves. The I made cheesesteaks for dinner and we tried one of those asian side dishes that was teriyaki rice and man was it good. You can find this in your grocery aisle with rice, more than likely, I picked ours up at walmart. It was something we all enjoyed, I was very surprised that the kids ate so much of it.

& The highlight of our weekend would have been the anxiety attack I had Sunday night, right before cooking dinner. We are still unsure why it happened or what caused it but it lasted a good 30 minutes, throughout the time I cooked dinner. I had the shakes real bad, I was having hot flashes, and the one thing that is mostly different from everyone else for me, is that I eat a lot when I have an attack. I ended up eating 6 chips ahoy cookies, a left over buffalo chicken sandwich, 4 steakums (I don't each cheesesteaks, so I just cook the steeakums and eat them with A1 sauce), and a big helping for rice.

Overall there was really nothing special but it was a good weekend!

So now how was your weekend, leave me a comment letting me know!

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    Recap Monday is where I will give you a recap on what my weekend consisted of. I will tell you what we did and etc.


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