Let me start by saying, if we get one more rain day I will flip. It has done nothing but rain ALMOST everyday since before we left for the July 4th Weekend. Our house basically looks like an island in our yard, well looking from the back! Our backyard is flooded with about 6" of standing water. Thankfully our front yard has not flooded yet, but if we get anymore rain it will.

Click photos for larger view.

That is our backyard! These photos were taken on Sunday afternoon, we not only received more rain on Sunday night but on Tuesday as well.

Due to all the rain there was not much that we could do outside, so this weekend was pretty much a stay inside weekend, and I have a funny feeling it will be like that for a while. We didn't do to much, the kids played and watched their iPad, daddy played his game, and mommy had some computer time and cleaning.

Our life is pretty simple, we don't really do much except when were out of town.

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    June 2013