Silky legs is a very messy but very effective way to shave your legs. This shaving method is not something that I recommend you do every time, but I use this method when I am going to a special event or at least once a week. I'm really not sure where this came from, seeing how the picture I have saved on pinterest links back to a tumblr no longer accessible.
You will want to a few razors on hand just incase, as much dead skin, hair, and then the ingredients that come off, your razor dulls pretty quickly.

You're gonna want to mix the following ingredients together.
1 1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup oil, I used baby oil, but any could be used (olive, coconut, etc)
3 Tablespoons lemon juice

You're going to want to shave one leg at a time & probably half at a time.

Take a handful of your mixture and spread it over the part you will be shaving. Once rubbed in, shave away. You will want to rinse your razor often, seeing how this mixture is also going to take off your dead skin. Once you have shaved your leg rinse it off thoroughly. Apply your mixture once again to the leg you just shaved and shave again, repeating the process.

Once you have shaven one leg twice repeat on your other leg. Shaving twice really does make all the difference.

This really does you legs justice! I have sensitive dry skin and not only do I use this at least twice a month, but it also helps with the dry skin.

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