One thing that we did do this past weekend was turn my son's crib into a loft bed! Let me clear things up, my son has not been in a crib since he was almost two, however he has a convertible crib so he has been in the toddler bed. I originally found this idea on pinterest with the picture and link below, however the link no longer works, not sure if this is temporary or permanent, but I still included it so it did not look like I was stealing content.
What you see in the picture above was just our inspiration. Upon looking into the site when I found it, it really didn't have any clear instructions, nor does J baby have a regular crib, he has an attached changing table, so we knew ours would turn out slightly different.

After everything was said and done I remembered I should have taken pictures to put up here, but unfortunately I didn't. I will be able to show you a before and after picture however so should be able to get a good idea of what we went from and to!
You can click the images above to make them bigger. Making this was pretty easy and you could change it up to however you like. I'm gonna tell you how I converted it from toddler bed to the loft bed.

As you can see in the first picture he has a small railing that was included when we bought it. To start with I removed the mattress and set it aside. I then proceeded to take off that railing, which really wasn't all that easy, trying to find every screw and pulling out drawers to get to some, yea!

After the railing was removed, I unscrewed the mattress board and all the brackets. To make it easier I only unscrewed the brackets from the frame of the bed, leaving the board attached to the brackets. It would have been so much easier If I would have just asked the hubby for help, but since I was mad at him, for some stupid reasons, haha, I decided I was going to be Super-Woman Mom and do it myself.

Once I had all the brackets removed from the frame, this is where it became tricky by myself, that board is not light. I had to borrow some toys to help me hold it up while I screwed it back in. When screwing it back into the frame, I found the highest hole. I think most crib has these, for adjusting the mattress in the crib. You could place it on any hole that makes you feel comfortable. 

Once I had the brackets screwed back into the frame, I slipped the mattress back on, and that was it! Now if you wanted you could find a way to add the railing back to the bed, but more than likely you would have to drill your own holes, or you could possibly even purchase one of those bed rails that you can find at your local department store. This wasn't something I was to worried about because my son isn't a big roller and he sleeps at the other end of the rail anyways, where it is open, and we have never had a problem. Nor does he really sleep in his bed anyways, he normally ends up on our bedroom floor. He did end up taking a nap in it after I was finished and he seemed to be fine.

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