One thing that we did do this past weekend was turn my son's crib into a loft bed! Let me clear things up, my son has not been in a crib since he was almost two, however he has a convertible crib so he has been in the toddler bed. I originally found this idea on pinterest with the picture and link below, however the link no longer works, not sure if this is temporary or permanent, but I still included it so it did not look like I was stealing content.

Silky legs is a very messy but very effective way to shave your legs. This shaving method is not something that I recommend you do every time, but I use this method when I am going to a special event or at least once a week. I'm really not sure where this came from, seeing how the picture I have saved on pinterest links back to a tumblr no longer accessible.

    Pinterest Tuesday will be something from one of my pins on pinterest. Could be a kids craft, a household project, a cleaning DIY, anything that could be found on pinterest could wind up being posted here.. I will try to avoid doing and recipes and keep those for Monday.


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