Well like I stated last night, we're backkkkkk!!!! A lot has been going on with us since we last posted. We are here tonight to update you on some of the events that have happened. Not only will we provide you with what we have been up to, we also have a few coupon codes for you guys to use. These will of course be featured on the amazing savings page. Well enough of all this, let get down to the catching up, just like any fine southern woman knows, we all love to ramble!
We have been in a very rough up and down situation these past few months, both physically, mentally, and financially. Let's start from the beginning, shall we.

After tax time, my husband decided he wanted to buy a truck for him since we were down to one car after the move up here after Thanksgiving, I believe, could have been Christmas, either way since about the first of the year we had only had one vehicle. Him buying a truck was great seeing I had a little ford car. A truck was awesome, we could haul off the trash without stinking up my car, if we needed to haul anything we could, we would have no problem getting all of the stuff back from Florida on our trips down, this was great! Well unfortunately it didn't last long. After about a month of having the truck it broke down, putting us back to only having my car. So, ok, at least we had transportation right?

Wrong! In late April, my car broke down and we were not able to fix it. It was the worst thing ever, especially since hubby was coming home for the weekend from work out of town. We had to have it towed home, luckily the tow truck driver cut us a good deal, it still sucked.

After that we were constantly working on the car or truck to try to get them fixed so we were not relying on hubbys family to take us anywhere or borrow their cars. As anyone who knows, if you have two kids and live on your own, getting back is hard on one income, so we were always very tight on money. It got really stressful.

Things finally started looking up this month, hubby came across two possible job offers, one is out of the picture now, just didn't work out, we're hoping the other one falls into place, however if not, we will make do for now. Two weeks ago we decided we needed a car seeing how the hubby's uncle, who we were always borrowing the vehicle from, had to go to another state for work, so we came into a bind. We are now the proud owners, or at least my hubby is, of a 2012 Nissan Altima. It is a great newer car and it gets us from point A to point B, safely.

My mother also bought a new-used van so I will be getting her old car. While it is an older car and not one that I prefer, I am not complaining. We never got the truck or car fixed so still having the Nissan we only have one car. With hubby working an hour away and him possibly leaving at any moment to go to another job site, we need two cars.

So you can see things have actually looked up for us in the past month! We can finally sit back and relax a little bit knowing we will get through it, not like we ever had any doubt, we knew it would be hard, but when you're young, on your own, with two kids, it gets tough, specially when I was home alone all the time, except weekends when hubby would come home, and my family is 6 hours away from me. Now hubby is back working closer so he is home every night, another positive outlook.

Other than that, as of April 30, me and hubby have been married for two years. Since he was 4 hours away at work on our anniversary, the weekend before when he came home I made spaghetti for dinner that night with the last pack of venison burger that we had been saving for our anniversary, hubby worked on his truck the whole day, then we cuddled in bed and ate ben and jerrys ice cream, like we did when we first started dating. While I wish we would've been able to go out to dinner together and spend the day just the two of us on our anniversary, at least I can say the day we celebrated was still great!

R baby has since started walking and talking a lot more. She's a hoot and let me just say, she is going to grow up beating up her brother. Now that she is walking, there are times when I catch her beating him up. J baby's head has healed nicely from when he fell. He has a scar that is fading a little more each day, but like his daddy says "chicks dig scars!"

I believe that's really all, we don't really have a big interesting life, we're just your s

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