Well, on the account that it's 12:30 in the morning, J baby's birthday was yesterday! He turned three years old! We celebrated by having a birthday party for him in Florida with our families. He had such a great time, well I think we all did! The kids got to play on the park, the adults got to spend time watching their grand babies enjoy their selves  and well J baby got presents and cake!
J Baby & his Dune Buggy
He ended up with a some new trucks, some mickey mouse cars, a new chuggington set, some movies, a swing set, and a power wheels dune buggy. Can anyone guess which one his favorite present was? If you said the dune buggy, you've got that right! Thankfully we saved it for last, we couldn't get him out of it for cake, mommy had to bribe him to park it in front of the table, blow out his candles, & then he could eat his cake in his car!

He technically hasn't seen the swing set yet. My grandmother had it sent to Walmart in our home town, that way it made it a lot easier on us!

After his party, we all went home and attempted to nap, laying down and resting was the best we got out of the kids. We then went to our local fair that's in town this week to see the Demolition Derby! I think the cutest thing had to be when grandpa asked J baby if he wanted to take his new car out there and crash with the big boys and his response was "Uh Huh!"

Not only did J baby get a dune buggy tho, R baby got a Hot wheels Audi R8, mommies dream car! So i'm jealous! Of course the swing set is also hers, as well!

On another note, I will be down in Florida with my family until the 17th of March. My husband and I agreed that I could stay down here with the kids for the entire 10 days of our local fair. However, since he has to be at work, he only came down for Friday and Saturday, and left on Sunday afternoon. This will be the longest time we have been apart since we moved to GA.

I miss him terribly and miss being able to cuddle with him, but I have a full week planned with my family and friends to keep my occupied until next weekend. When I will have to go back to reality and duty calls! Thankfully, I love my job, being a housewife has got to be the best thing ever!
R Baby & her Audi R8

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