Well, it's that time again, HUNTING SEASON! I have a love-hate relationship with hunting season. I am a country girl so I love to go hunting. The feeling of sitting in a deer stand or tracking down hogs is one like no other. The same goes for how my husband feels as well & well truthfully he gets more time out than I do, due to having both kids.
He gets the opportunity to go out every weekend and get in a deer stand, while I unfortunately watch the kids. This is where the hate comes in. As much as I love my kids and I would take my kids over hunting any day, I would love the opportunity to go out just a handful of times and get up and that tree stand and be able to take one down. Or even if I don't take one down, just sitting there in nature, somewhere I am able to relieve my mind. Not to mention hunting season pretty much takes over my husband. If he's not working he's hunting.

I have also come to the conclusion that my life is full of surprises and when I dedicate my self to the blog, something always happens. Now I have also started another blog, NSFW adult related that also takes some attention away from this one. I also have a few more commitments on that blog than I do this one. I do plan on keeping this blog and keeping up with it, however it might not be an everyday thing like I had planned in the beginning.
I will keep all my readers updated on my life, or at least what I want to share. As well as, when we do arts and crafts and pinterest ideas or recipes. I will also continue to provide reviews when I can. 

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