So, we decided to take a vacation to Florida for the Fourth of July weekend. We had planned on going this weekend for the Hubby's birthday, but turns out he had off the 4th to the 7th. He got off early on the 3rd and I was ready to go by the time he got home, we loaded the car and took off! It was a fun weekend, besides everyone getting sick. Also to my surprise, my brother came down with his daughter also!
We got in on Wednesday night. Then Thursday morning we went to the parade that the city has. After that we started making our rounds to see all of our family. We went and visited my dad for a while. Since my nieces birthday is on the Fourth also we were able to see both my nieces and my step sister also. After a few hours at my dads we headed to my aunts house. Unfortunately my aunt and uncle were in the keys so we weren't able to see them, but my grandmother was there, along with my grandparents, and my great grandpa. We had some burgers and hotdogs and went swimming. That's when the sickness started. My niece was the first to get sick. After leaving my aunts we headed to go see my husbands dad, then after we headed to see the fireworks!

On Friday my mother had taken off and she offered to watch the kids. My brother, my husband, and I headed to the next city up and went to the mall and did some shopping or browsing lol. After that we hit up my favorite restaurant, Outback, to celebrate my birthday dinner. My grandmother was supposed to take us all out but things came up and it didn't work out that way. Even though my birthday isn't till August I wouldn't be back down till November.

On Saturday my mom and J baby ended up getting sick, having the same thing my niece had on Thursday. My mom ended up getting if Friday night and it just lasted through Saturday night. So we didn't do too much on Saturday. Then on Sunday we had planned on leaving and unfortunately R baby had caught the illness. Thankfully it only lasted 12 hours and then you were fine. It was crazy, came out of nowhere and only lasted 12 hours. Since we didn't wanna drive 6 hours with her puking the whole way we decided we would just stay another night and leave Monday, once she was feeling better.

Monday came and we headed home, got home around dinner time and decided to put the kids to bed early since it had been a long ride and a long weekend. To my surprise they both passed out pretty quickly. Then came Tuesday, thought I was gonna get back in the groove of blogging and everything, but nope, it was decided that it was my turn to be best friends with the porcelain throne. Slept the whole day away pretty much. That is for sure one of the downsides of living alone away from family. When your sick, there is no one to help with the kids. Thankfully J baby watched TV and played by himself all day and R baby was content in her crib watching TV and playing with some toys.

So now we're here today. We are getting back on Schedule and Friday I wanna know about your Fourth of July, so stay tuned for the post and 

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