Since Easter week was so hectic with doing activities with the kids and spending our last week with daddy before he left Easter Sunday, we are just going to pile all of the last few days of activities into this one post. We will brief on putting together my nieces Easter basket, Dyeing Easter eggs, and then Easter Sunday. Saturday night we were supposed to plant "Magical Jelly Beans" but unfortunately we got home very late Saturday night from families house and I bought defective jelly beans (I really just forgot the giant lollipops) haha!
On Thursday we put together my nieces Easter basket. After putting it together I definitely realized I overdid it. I bought way to much stuff or not a big enough basket. J baby had a great time putting it together, with the help of my to make it look good. I was definitely surprised about how I had to arrange everything to make it all fit.

On Friday night we colored Easter eggs. It was 11:00 at night when this was happening  haha, thankfully the kids had late naps that day, so they were awake and ready to color eggs. J baby of course wanted to do everything on his own and didn't understand he had to have help. Nonetheless the kids had fun and it's a great family moment, so both daddy & I love it. It ended after R baby spilt the dye! We were doing so good, she was more interested in ripping the newspaper off the table rather than dyeing the Easter eggs. Then, she finally got a hold of the purple dye container and over it went. All over my table!!

Saturday we were supposed to plant our magical jelly beans, but we were at families house all day Saturday and didn't get home till late. I did let Justin decorate the front window before we left Saturday morning, so we still had Easter activities everyday. I wanted to make sure that this week was all about Easter so I wanted to make sure there was an activity pretty much everyday.

After the kiddo's went to be that night I put together their Easter baskets and the Easter bunny hopped into our home and left his trail of eggs for the kids, then I went to bed, I was pooped, it was about 1:00 in the morning before I finally laid in bed.

Then Easter morning came., the kids opened their Easter baskets and then they went on their Easter egg hunt through the house, well our living room at least  Once again the kids had a blast and it was a great family moment, which is ultimately what Easter is all about, Jesus and family.

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