So this is deffinatly a few days late, but we are still on track with our Easter countdown. On Tuesday we had plans to color some Easter pictures and that's just what we did.

I printed a blank Easter egg printable from a search on google and I let J baby go to town decorating his own Easter egg. I attempted to let R baby decorate her own egg as well, but she was more interested in eating the crayons and dropping them to watch mommy pick them up.
J baby had such a good time coloring his egg. It took him a few to finally finish it since he kept getting distracted by other things. Daddy and I think he might have ADD or ADHD like daddy, but I feel he is still too young to be diagnosed.
Whenever he did get distracted I had to remind him that mommy wanted to display his pretty egg on the fridge for Easter, and he would just laugh and say "Oh Yeah" and go back to coloring his egg!
After all was said and done, he ended up coloring the best Easter egg ever!
Mommy even colored a picture herself! Of course it was after J baby was finished and both him and R baby were laying down for there nap.
They are now proudly displayed on our fridge for Easter and for the Easter bunny to see when he comes hoping to our house to drop his eggs!

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