Last night we took our Easter bath. We were supposed to put together my nieces Easter basket, but we didn't get around to it. So while I boil eggs today we will be putting together her Easter basket, since we won't be dying eggs until daddy gets home anyways.

The bath did not go as planned at all. We had plans to do an Easter bath similar to this. However minus the window clings and minus the eggs.
I decided to minus the eggs since I will be using them for R baby's Easter egg hunt and some in the Easter baskets. Plus J baby just wanted to break them when we were doing our Easter pictures so I decided we had enough of the eggs till Easter.

I figured we could still do an Easter bath by at least having it Easter themed. I bought the window clings from DG last week to use, however all R baby wanted to do was peel them off the walls and tub, so that ended up getting minused out also.

So in the end the kids just ended up having a green bubble bath. Which was perfectly fine with both of them. They played with their bath toys like normal and then J baby helped me wash sissy and then of course he helped me wash himself.

So while I had this great Easter bath planned and it didnt go as planned really AT ALL, the kids still love their baths, so it was still a great thing!
Next year we will either make or buy some Easter egg bath bombs just in case we run into this problem again. Hopefully we won't since they will both be a year older, haha!

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