Yay! Bottles are finally gone!

J baby will be three on March 10 and has had bottles at nap and bed time since he was born. When we go out or if he's just running around the house he has had a sippy since about a year. It has been a long struggling fight with him to take the bottles away and we never pushed the issue because we have come to find out that he has night terrors at night if he can't find it. I have been woken up on many occassions in the middle of the night to him kicking me (when he slept with me) or even him screaming/crying in his sleep. Now for me, that wasnt a big problem, if that's what makes him happy then so be it, I always said when he was ready he would give it up. However, for my husband and some of my other family members, it always been that he needs to get off the bottle. Well I can officially tell them, he has been bottle sober for two weeks now and I couldn't be happier!
Now on to R baby. She just turned a year old and I was certainly not going to have another kid on the bottle till she was three. So, just like the books say, I made sure she was off the bottle by a year. I pretty much just took them away and gave her sippy's with her milk or juice, and it wasn't a big issue. I'm thinking because she's only a year and she doesn't really know the difference. We made sure to get the sippy cups with the soft nipples/lids, this way she could still suck on them like she does her bottle, but yet there still cups. Now we can say, she's been bottle sober for a week. And once again, I couldn't be happier.

I am happy that they are both bottle free, but they are two different types of happies. With J baby, it's a happy that he's finally off of the bottles. With R baby,
It's a happy that we got her to sippy cups at a year old!

So this is one proud, happy, and peaceful mommy!

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