Well today is the first day that J Baby slept in his room.

For the past month, he has slept in our room. Now before some of you non co-sleepers get your panties in a wad, we believe in co-sleeping, but only under the circumstance of your sick or your not feeling well at nap time. J baby has a small pallet that I made him on my side of the bed on the floor, that he sleeps on when he is in there, and that is where he has slept for the past month.

Hubby and I have no idea why he started sleeping in our room, but it started out as him just sleeping in there at night and still sleeping in his bed at nap time, until about a week and a half ago, when it became a nap and bed time thing.
With hubby working all day and having and hour or longer drive home from work, when he gets home he eats, takes a shower, and is ready for bed. Then since I've cleaned and took care of both kids during the day, and then cooked dinner, I am just as exhausted as well, and dealing with a crying three year old is not something I, nor hubby want to deal with at 9:30 at night, nor do we want him waking his sister, so it's just been easiest to let him sleep in our room.

Well two nights ago we got a new TV for our living room, which meant all the TV's in the house were getting rotated, and we thought what better opportunity to try to get J Baby back into his own room. We got a 47" for the living room, so we moved the 40" to our room, and the 19" we had in our room replaced the dinosaur in the kids room. It was one of the TV's with the built in VCR's. It was a great TV to start out with and it was free from my mother-in-law, not to mention J Baby knew how to work it, so it was quite nice!

So tonight me and my sister rearranged their room, for about the fifth time since we moved up here in November, normally I do it by myself though. :) We made it to where both kids can see the TV from their bed and now the TV is bigger. So far it has worked however. He laid their and watched TV while his sister napped, and even though we had a slightly rough time at bed time, we eventually got him to sleep in his own bed.

Now that he's back in there, I am going to stay consent on him to sleep in his room. No more listening to the iPad at late hours of the night or no more rolling over to find him in our bed at random times. Never the less, I love both my kids to pieces and I know their probably will be those occasions where they sleep in our room, but not for a few more years when they can understand better the difference of sleeping in their room and sleeping in mommy and daddies room!

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