Last night we took our Easter bath. We were supposed to put together my nieces Easter basket, but we didn't get around to it. So while I boil eggs today we will be putting together her Easter basket, since we won't be dying eggs until daddy gets home anyways.

The bath did not go as planned at all. We had plans to do an Easter bath similar to this. However minus the window clings and minus the eggs.

Well we were on the right track to keep this Easter countdown with what we had planned. But today it got a little off. We had planned on Easter Picture and an Easter egg bath today, well Wednesday.

We did do our Easter pictures, however we didn't do the Easter bath.

So this is deffinatly a few days late, but we are still on track with our Easter countdown. On Tuesday we had plans to color some Easter pictures and that's just what we did.

I printed a blank Easter egg printable from a search on google and I let J baby go to town decorating his own Easter egg. I attempted to let R baby decorate her own egg as well, but she was more interested in eating the crayons and dropping them to watch mommy pick them up.

We started our countdown to Easter today & I couldnt be more happier with how well it turned out. We kicked off our countdown by making Mini Jello Eggs. J baby did a great job and need just a little of my assistance. This was a pretty easy thing to make and it was a great thing to start the week off with.

Easter is a week from today. I'm a holiday girl and love all holidays, now that I have kids, it just makes it that much better. This will be R babies second Easter and J babies fourth Easter.

Now that I am addicted to Pinterest, there are many things that I would love to do on holidays, but when the times comes, I just forget or get to busy or just forget to get the things I need from the store. However, this year I have made it a promise to myself to do anything that I plan. So with that being said, we are counting down to Easter with some fun Easter projects and games.

Well, on the account that it's 12:30 in the morning, J baby's birthday was yesterday! He turned three years old! We celebrated by having a birthday party for him in Florida with our families. He had such a great time, well I think we all did! The kids got to play on the park, the adults got to spend time watching their grand babies enjoy their selves  and well J baby got presents and cake!

Well today is the first day that J Baby slept in his room.

For the past month, he has slept in our room. Now before some of you non co-sleepers get your panties in a wad, we believe in co-sleeping, but only under the circumstance of your sick or your not feeling well at nap time. J baby has a small pallet that I made him on my side of the bed on the floor, that he sleeps on when he is in there, and that is where he has slept for the past month.

Hubby and I have no idea why he started sleeping in our room, but it started out as him just sleeping in there at night and still sleeping in his bed at nap time, until about a week and a half ago, when it became a nap and bed time thing.