I can not wait until next week. It's time for our road trip to Florida for J baby's birthday, only this time were not just staying for the weekend, were staying for 9 days! Well I am at least, hubby has to work so he will only be joining us for the first weekend.

We will be celebrating J Baby's third birthday the first weekend and then I will be staying the rest of the time for our annual county fair. Growing up I was in 4-H so ever since I was young I have always attend the fair on a daily basis while it was in town and just because I live in another state does not mean I am going to miss it.
I also miss my family dearly so I can not wait to see them and of course they can not wait to see the kids. My grandmother actually wanted to Skype with J Baby last night on his iPad, but of course she had to call during dinner, so that was a no-no. We have a hard enough time getting him to eat as it is, so we don't need any distractions to make him stop eating. I told her she could wait a week to see them, we would be there soon enough.

I as well can't wait for my girls day with my bestie. I miss that girl like no other. When I moved, I cried more when I said goodbye to her compared to when I said goodbye to my husband when he took this job back in July. This girl has been by my side for some of the most hardest times of my life, or at least in the past 5.5 years. We always plan a girls day when I come down, if the time can accommodate it. Not to mention our "Dance Night." Our annual county fair has a barn dance once a night, on the closing of the barn, and we always attend it together in our boots and jeans!

I will miss my husband dearly while i'm in Florida, but I need the time with my family. Not to mention, J Baby will have a blast because it turns out my niece will be staying with my mother and step father for a few weeks, starting the week we come down, while my step brother goes into the fields to train, "Semper Fi!" So all in all, I know I'm gonna have a blast while in Florida, being able to see my family, my bestie, and having a great time at the fair, but I will miss my hubby for that week while he's back here at home at work.

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