Once again, I have been slacking on my post. This is all going to change, starting next week! After not going to sleep till 4:30am & then waking up at 10:00am, I knew I had to do something about it. After scouring pinterest and being on facebook, then add the million things running through my head, I knew exactly what I had to do. "In with the new & out with the old!" That's my new motto starting now!
To start off my new motto, I have been wanting to change my hair now for a few weeks. When I found out I was pregnant with my son  almost 4 years ago I had shoulder length hair, that I will admit I hated, I couldn't do anything with it. The day I found out I was pregnant I dyed my hair a dark brown, that was the first time ever doing brown, everyone loved it, it made me look so much older! Well eventually I grew to hate it, typical teenager, well young adult, I was 18! Well a few weeks ago I was looking at old photos on my facebook and came across pictures from that time & I thought to myself, "It's time for a change!" After looking at the pictures I realized I really do like that hairstyle on me & the color, like I said it made me look older! Now most people would be like, "why do you wanna look older?" Well simple, Im almost 23 years old and I look like i'm 18 still. Specially when I stand next to my husband since he's so tall. Sure most women would die to look 18 again, but I have two kids and a husband who is younger than me, I wanna look like an adult, haha! So my first change, will be back to short brown hair!
My next change to go with my new motto will be a schedule! J baby is no longer taking naps and doesn't go to bed till almost midnight. Something has to change! So I figured if we can set up a schedule and stick to it, maybe he can get into a routine and adjust back to a normal bed time! As well as, getting him to sleep in his own bed. Do not get me wrong, I co slept with both my kids, & judge me if you will but I find nothing wrong with it. I actually read an article last night explaining why it is good to co sleep. Anyways, back to what I was saying, he sleeps in my room. However, we no longer co sleep, mine and hubby's bed is OUR bed. We will let him sleep with us if he's really sick or what not but most of the time, I make him sleep on the floor next to our bed. We have a cot system setup, so to say. I have a blanket laid on the floor, where he knows he is allowed to sleep. When he comes in he will bring his pillow and cup and occasionally his blanket, there are times where I already have a blanket there for him. While it is nice because I know when he sleeps there he goes to sleep no problem, it would also be nice to get him back in his own bed & hopefully a schedule will help.

The schedule will contain our daily routine and any cleaning that needs to be done for the day. The cleaning will now be on a schedule also. Keep an eye out for another post on this and free printables next week.
The next & final change, will be my blog and store! There will be at least one post a day if not more starting next week. Each day will be something different. One day will be a recipe, another day a craft, one day we will have a pinterest day! A pinterest day is where I will pick a pin from one of my boards and try it out, maybe it will be another recipe or another craft, or maybe some type of cleaning exercise  it could be anything that can be found on pinterest. I will save my night times strictly for my store. This will be the time I can fill any orders, order new supplies, or get some things ready for mailing.

So in a nutshell, I made a plan to make a blog and since then I have not held up to my full responsibility of it and I intend to fulfil my plan and make this the best blog I possibly can! I have abandoned it from time to time and now I am taking my stand, there will be new things happening and big changes going on and you guys will be with me every step of the way from now on. Well starting Monday! I will say this however, that there will be no blog post on Saturdays or Sundays. I will be dedicating these days to family days! There will probably be occasional weekends where I post a blog post or two, but for the most part weekends will be my days off! So please share my blog with your friends, family, co-workers, babysitters, whoever and however, but just know that this will soon be the best blog I can possibly make it!
I do not claim any rights to the pictures used in this post except my own.

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