For some of you readers who have been around awhile, you're probably thinking, "What Happened?" Well I started a new blog last last week on blogger and that blog has inspired me to change this one a little. While I will not move this blog to blogger because I can not set it up how I want, I will admit, I do like blogger also. For the theme of that blog, it works!

Since we have a new blog schedule and there will be a daily post, within a certain category, I figured I would dedicate a page to each day. This way everything can be found very easily. Giveaways also have their own page now!

Not only have we add pages, but the looks on some of the older pages have changed as well.

I feel that everything is way more organized this way!

We also changed our RSS feed, so if you are subscribed through email, google, or such you will need to resubscribe. You can do this by clicking on the RSS feed button at the top right.

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