Here is what our weeks will look like! Please remember I am taking the weekends off to dedicate it to my family and spend time with them.

Recap Monday - I will give you a recap on Monday of what my weekend consisted of. I will tell you what we did and etc.

Pinterest Tuesday - This will be something from one of my pins on pinterest. Could be a kids craft, a household project, a cleaning diy, anything that could be found on pinterest could wind up being posted on Tuesday. I will try to avoid doing and recipes and keep those for Monday.

Recipe Wednesday - This could be anything from snacks to dinners, or anything in between. This is something that I will have made in the past or just got done making. It will have my take on it and the recipe.

Review Thursday - On Thursdays I will have a new review up for you guys. If this is a week where I have no new products to review, I will review something I have from around the house. Anything from my house will be a new in age product so it could still be found in stores if my review influences you. :)

Challenge Friday - On Friday I will post a new post about some type of challenge. This may be a challenge that I have paired up with other bloggers to do, such as an organization challenge, maybe a finance challenge, could be anything. If we are no paired up with any blogs for that week, we will post our own challenge for the day. Maybe it will be a challenge for you for the weekend or maybe something that is going to take us a few days or weeks.

Remember all of these post are post that we want everyone to interact with us on. Feel free to comment and leave any suggestions you have for us for a future post and join in on the fun.

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