Like I promised two weeks ago, we will have a new blog schedule starting today. We will have at least one blog post a day, excluding Saturday & Sunday, as these are our family days. This is all the start of my new change. From my self, to me family, to my house, to my store, to the blog! 
I do not claim any rights to this photo.
We will start off this change with a schedule. Not only are we adding a schedule to our household we are adding a schedule to the blog. Everyday there will be a new post.

Monday - Saving Days. We will post some great sales, coupon codes, free shipping offers, and emails that I may get during the weekend. We will occasionally have these post throughout the week as well, but Monday will be a day full of it. As well as a few coupon match-ups.

Tuesday - Review Days. This is the day that we will post any reviews we have. Along with our reviews come our giveaways. Tuesdays will be the day that any giveaways we have start as well.

Wednesday - Pinterest Days. We will take a pin from one of my pinboards and do a step by step on how to make, how it turned out, etc. This could be a recipe  some type of new strategy  a home improvement project, anything you can think of that can be found on pinterest. There will be no crafts on this day as seeing Thursdays will be for arts & crafts and something your kids can be involved in.

Thursday - Arts & Craft Day. A day full of fun arts & crafts. It may be anything simple from coloring to a full project. This will be something that kids are involved with or is for the kids.

Friday - Anything goes day. Fridays will be for any type of post. This could be a recipe I recently tried, maybe a book i've read, or a movie i've watched, our weekend plans, could be anything, anything goes! Friday, will also be the day that I post the giveaway winners for any giveaway that has closed within that week.

So as of now, I am off to work on my shop since I am moving platforms, but before I leave the blog for the night, I will post a few sales and coupon codes that I have in my inboxes, since there are still 5 minutes left of this Monday night, haha!

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