Sorry guys for the lack of post. I am visiting my family in Florida for the week and are trying to spend as much time with them as possible. So far it has been pretty good. We celebrated my sons birthday this past weekend, we went to our local fair and watched the demolition derby, we've had some family time, I've went shopping with a friend, and we attended the fair again last night to watch my cousin in bull cracking contest, she ended up coming in second place in her age category.
I will be staying at another friends house tomorrow and helping her move Friday, before our date Friday night at the fair for the barn dance. Then were leaving Sunday, but thinking we might leave a day early on Saturday, so I can get home and take care of my house. Leaving my husband there alone for a week, doesn't seem to exciting, kind of scared to what i'm going home to. Hopefully he has been good & I wont be going home to a complete mess!

On another note! When I do get back home, we will have a few reviews and giveaway coming up for you. As well as a surprise to come! Be on the lookout for a new section on our blog. It's top secret until it's unrelieved, but once it's unrelieved you will know!

I hope ya'll are having a great week and once again look forward to some awesome giveaways and reviews next week!

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