Well, the husband is off to Atlanta for work for the week again. We had a great family weekend and I had a blast! Friday night he came home and brought dinner, Saturday we went to his grandparents house for a family lunch with his grandparents, aunt & uncle, and his dad and stepmom happened to be staying for the weekend, along with the kids. Then Saturday night we attended a rodeo & of course the kids loved it and they were passed out before getting home! Then today, we spent the day doing some shopping for the house and paying bills! Yay us!
As you can tell I had a great weekend. I'm very excited that he will be coming home every weekend this month. Not to mention our anniversary is the 30th & while he might still be in Atlanta for work, we will be celebrating the weekend before when he comes home! We will be married for two years this year, together for four! We have a great relationship, communication, total trust, & most of all, LOVE! Communication is key, with our communication  there are no secrets in our relationship, we tell eachother everything, & that has helped get us where we are today! So my advice to anyone out there getting married, just started dating, been dating for a long time, anything to a couple, communication is KEY!
Rodeo Kids
J baby & R baby at the Rodeo
The hubby & I after the Rodeo
As you can see I was super excited to have my husband home for the weekend & I was very upset again when he had to leave tonight, but definitely held myself together better than last time, knowing he would be home in a week.

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