A friend of mine has requested that I put together a custom order for her daughter. She was born with Cleft Lip & Palate. She asked that I take orders from friends and family member to create a Cleft Palate awareness bows. Who was I to turn it down, I needed the money since i'm just starting out and this is why I started this business  I love making hair bows and its something I am good at. Little did I know what I was getting into. We have 22 orders placed so far and that has kept me very busy. It couldn't of come at a better time though since hubby is out of town, it keeps me focused on something other than missing him!
Isn't she the most cutest minnie mouse you have ever seen!? This is S baby on Halloween of 2012.
This is her this past Easter. She has had her first surgery and has another one at the end of April. 
Her mother; Katelyn and I know each other from middle school. We were best friends and have stayed in contact since then. In school we were pretty much inseparable! Lets keep Katelyn, her boyfriend, and S baby in your prayers that she has another excellent surgery & recovery, please!
Out of those 22 orders, 12 are paid for as of right now. Since I had nothing else to do tonight and I got more of the ribbon in that I ran out of, that I needed, I figured I would complete those 12 orders. As you see there are a total of 29 bows here. There are 10 awareness ribbons, six 3.5" double layer bows, three 3" bow ties, and ten 3" double layer hair bows. These are only 90% done as of now, all of the bows are awaiting bottle caps and some of the awareness ribbons are awaiting pins to be put on the back.

These are hot pink, not pink. Cleft Palate awareness is hot pink, but it is mistaken a lot of breast cancer awareness, since that is pink as well and pretty much the most popular awareness in the pink awareness category  However, breast cancer is a light pink, compared to the hot pink for Cleft Awareness.

Are you in need a custom order? I can do any awareness, any colors, any theme, just message me & we can discuss setting up a custom order for you!!! Discounts for host of order also, so there's always a plus!! ;)
I can do other styles of bows as well. You can visit my store at Southern Mama Creations to see the other styles that I can make. However, if you're in the market for a custom order, when you message me we can discuss price ranges and what options you have. We are open to any type of order. You can contact me by using the form below or feel free to email me!

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