Once again, I have slacked on my post. Which I am truly sorry for. I have about 5 reviews I need to do, plus add the pictures from us dyeing our Easter eggs and then planting our "Magical Jelly Beans" tonight, and pictures from us putting together my nieces Easter basket. Unfortunately there is just not enough time in the days, or days in the week, or weeks in the month, or months in the year. Yea yea you get it lol! If you are familiar with my blog you know that my husband is in the construction business and his company travels to the South Eastern states.
Well tomorrow, Easter Sunday, will be his last day with us for a few months. So we have a family has been spending quality time together before he leaves and making our Easter weekend the best of the best! As of now all we know is that he will be gone for a few months and will be coming home every other weekend, if possible, its not a definite yet.

While he will still be in the same state as us, so it won't be such a long distance, its still a good 3 to 3.5 hours from us & with only one car, its not somewhere we can drive to everyday to see him.

In our four years of being together this is the best and worst job he has had. While the pay is good and it has got us on our own, the travel sucks. This is also not as bad as when he first got this job. I lived in with my parents and he lived in the hotel, we were 6 hours apart. Skype and our cell phones were our best friends for four months. In that four months I saw him once for a week when I came to visit and stay with him.
So, I can tell you now that I won't be getting much sleep at night since he being away scares the crap out of me. For one, I can not stand to be by myself, i'm worried enough during the day, let alone being by myself with my kids at night. Then, for two, I worry about him, period, he's my husband, the father of my children, of course im gonna worry, I worry about him now, even though he comes home every night  that time while hes at work and then the hour drive from work and to work makes me worry. With that being said, I will for one get my house clean at night when I can't sleep and the kids are sleeping and for two I will be able to catch up on my blogging for all of my fantastic readers.

Needless to say, I know that I ever need anything I have a great family standing behind me and even though some are an hour away and some are six hours away, they are all just a phone call away in short. & If I ever need anyone to talk to about being alone, his aunt is in the same boat, his uncle is in constriction and travels also, so while she has his parents pretty much next door, so knows how it feels to be alone for the time while he is away also.

But for now, have a wonderful Easter weekend and enjoy the time with your family, which is what I will be doing this weekend.

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