After this weekend, I could use a stiff drink! This weekend has been long and rough and I thought it was never gonna end. I wanna start off saying that if it wasn't for our wonderful family, my mother and stepfather, the hubby's aunt & uncle, and my stepbrother, we wouldn't have made it through this weekend. I am so happy to know that in our down times or in the rough times there are people who are willing to help us out and stand behind us! Fam{ILY}
You ready to step in what my weekend consist of? Ready or not, here we go! First off, Friday our only working car broke down. The hubby was on his way home and it overheated & we had to have it towed home. Out of the three cars we own that was the only fully working car. Hubby's car has a broken shift link cable and his truck doesn't have 3rd gear, so while his truck does work, it won't go faster than 30mph  Then we have my car, our daily driver. Once we got it towed home hubby looked over it, made a few phone calls, and we diagnosed the problem, or so we thought. We got all the parts to fix it and do an oil change, fixed what needed to be fixed, did the oil change, & hope it prayed it worked. Unfortunately, it didn't! So there went the third car.

Next, went our wash machine. Once we were settled in for the night from working on the car all day, I went to do the hubbys work laundry and the washer just stopped when it was supposed to drain. After reading some things online and talking a my stepfather, we have come to the conclusion that the drain pump went. That's exactly how I wanted my night to end, not! Haha!

Then, the reason of my post title, bad things come in three. This morning we were cleaning and both of our vacuums stopped working. I was ready to just thrown my hands up and give up, but I knew that I had family standing my behind me and I couldn't let my kids see me down. I will always teach them the valuable lesson that I have learned to never let anything get you down, you never know when it will be your last day and you live everyday the best you can. I had to take a deep breathe and remember that this morning when I was just ready to give up.

I've also always been told that bad things come in three, so I had my group of three, the car, the washer, & the vacuums. Just like i've always been told that the third time's a charm. All in all, I am glad this weekend is finally over, but I must admit on another note I did have a great weekend spending it with my husband and kids. Friday night me and hubby cuddled in bed together and pigged out on junk food and soda! We felt like a night of junk was worth it after the day we had. Then, we spent all day Saturday working on the car and the kids played outside. Sunday, he helped me clean and he watched the kids while I went grocery shopping. I am so glad I have him in my life as my husband and the father of my kids, he's an amazing man & i'm so glad God led a path to each other for us.

Now, earlier this weekend I posted a post saying that we would be posting more starting Monday. I am going to stick to this commitment the best I can, however with our washer breaking I need to get my house cleaned this weekend so our landlord can come in and look it over and possibly either fix it or get a repairman in here to fix and also to do her walkthrough. As anyone with kids should know cleaning is a big thing to do, specially when the kids are a year and three years. Thankfully my husband and I did a great deal of cleaning this morning and it helped me out a lot. We probably did a good days work, if I would of been doing it myself. We will be having two review post posted tomorrow and what our new blog schedule will be, since I have kept that a secret!

As of now, since my son is passed out in the chair with me, we are off to bed. 


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