Our vacation ended yesterday! We left my fathers house around 11:00 pm on Saturday night, that was an idea we will never do again. I figured it would be a good idea because the kids would sleep through the ride, well they did, and they still fell back asleep when we got home at 4:30 am. I also thought it would be a good idea because we would skip the traffic leaving bike week in Daytona, we would skip any Jacksonville traffic, and we would also skip any traffic going into Savannah for River Streets St Patty's Day festival, and once again, we did! However, the bad part, was that both me and my husband were exhausted from that day. Never the less, we made it home safe and sound and that's all that matters.

Now it's back to reality. Time to clean my house again. This week i'm trying a new cleaning and organizing strategy  I am going to work on one room a week, instead of over killing my self and trying to tackle every room in one day. Not to mention i'm sick and feel horrible as it is, so if I did try to tackle the whole house, I would end up being miserable.

We will also provide you with a review a day this week. Since we were on vacation this past week, our reviews have stacked up and we have five items ready for review. Some also have giveaways, but i'm going to keep how many a secret.

Not only are we keeping how many giveaways we have as a secret, we also have a huge secret that will be reviled next week. Since I am so excited about this secret, we will give a hint a day (except Saturday and Sunday). If you can figure out what our secret is before we revile it, you will win an awesome prize. We can't tell you what it is because, well, that would just ruin the surprise. We will guarantee is will be amazing though.

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