I have not forgotten about the blog again, don't worry, haha! I have busy starting up another blog, an adult blog. As well as cleaning my house. I have put together a cute little bag for our giveaway that I told you we would be having. I mentioned that it would close today, however since I'm just now getting it together, it will run from today till Wednesday the 3rd. Which is when we will be leaving to head to Florida for the holiday!! Yayyyy!!! The giveaway will go live tonight at 10:00pm. This gives me an hour to get the kids in bed and the kitchen cleaned up. This will be a womans giveaway, it is a great little bag full of goodies.
On top of that, I will also be letting you know what our blog schedule looks like tonight. I am still in the works of what I am going to post about each day. I need to make sure that I can think ahead of myself here and will be able to post something in that topic each week.

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